We are all about Custom. 
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Dilworth byDesign. 
Let's create something together-
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Second-Born Preacher Kid Is: Dilworth by Design 
Decorative Stuff 
These are our custom rooms that range from bathrooms to bars and from break rooms to dressing rooms-all incorporating our live edge pieces, special design rolling doors, steampunk lighting, mosaic tile work, stone wall designs, wooden furniture, vanity tables, live edge hall tables, wood dining,  experience, wood storage, live edge desks, seating and just all-round cool stuff we've created with customers, together, giving shape to their vision! 
From garden benches to hall benches wooden seating benches, live edge with a special design base from natural cedar stump to custom live edge legs to our signature bent wood legs. We work together, with our customers and our designers,to design the perfect wood seating to enhance their special space. 
Chairs and more chairs! We have had a great time working with our customers on their custom wood dining chairs, kitchen chairs, toddler chairs, high chairs, wood side chairs, vanity chairs, garden seating chairs, highly customized occasional chairs, desk chairs, office chairs, and now, even rocking chairs! If you are searching for the perfect chair to enhance your special space, we would love to work with you to give shape to the design you are imagining. 
Enhancing your special space is truly a personal endeavor and we appreciate the artistic expression of each customer and their home's personality. All our wood turnings, bent wood designs, wood wall decor, wood chalices, wood goblets, wood turned lamps, live edge cutting boards, wood cheese knives only represent the surface of what we can create together to enhance your home's personality! 
Stop by and see what our imagination has created and allow your own to run a muck! 
Ah Yes, Live Edge Tables! Made from primarily reclaimed wood, we restore and repurpose each with a special intent. We find funky, unique and ridiculous grains-that's what makes our tables different-and WOW! From one-of-a-kind dining tables to fancy hall tables, from our unique style of bending wood for a bent wood table base to a one-of-a-kind natural tree stump base...we're all about your space and giving life to your vision to enhance your home's experience. 
Scroll through our custom designed wood tables, chairs, benches, full rooms and interesting home decor pieces and let's create something together! 
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