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About The...Artist...
With all the things I've done in my life this latest chapter takes everything I've experienced and puts it in one place, namely...

            Saint Peters Village
            Saint Peters, PA 19470

Here on the edge of Berks county lies a unique setting for me to exercise every artistic aspect of my life. And there is virtually no limit to what I create. From music to sculpting to designing and building unique works of art, My goal is to make things that cause people to stop and appreciate. 

It's not just something that I started, though. My mom and dad had 9 children and fostered our personalities to reach for the stars. Maybe I just like to reach a little higher than most. During my writing days I had a few sayings... some were my own while some were edited versions of other individuals. I believe it is a sin to be boring. So, when designing a piece...It better cause a pause!

 also believe there is too much waste in this land that we should be taking care of. To that end, I am the "Dumpster Diver" of the family and thrive on repurposing anything so that it doesn't end up in another landfill.

The title of the website??? Yeah, my dad was a preacher. But beyond that he was an artist at heart. I would have to say most of my personality came from him. Mom is an artist in a different way. Between the two of them and the Grace of God... Here I go!!!

One thought provokes me daily: Jesus Christ once said "I've come that you may have life and have it more abundantly." My goal is that every waking moment I am striving to have a good time cause if I'm not... then I'm doing something wrong!

Make an appointment to see what I'm working on. 
Maybe you'll find something to take home to enhance your own space!
Me .... and my three    beautiful  kids.... who I do     it all for.... 

Goodbye to a Friend

My friend died today; it was nothing he'd done.The cancer was growing and now finally won.So many questions roam around in my head.His pain was so great, I'm glad his body is dead.

And yet I'm reminded of a prayer he once made,How he asked Christ to save him; and his sins were all paidBy the blood of a Savior who died for him and me,And the sins of the world if they would only see.

Now cobbles shine golden and gates of great pearlWith gems their foundation, with jasper and beryl.For Heaven's his home cause he made room in his heartFor God who promised to never depart.

And someday I will see him and he'll show me around;He'll show me his mansion, no antiques broken down.And we'll laugh and we'll sing and give praise to the King.Please, give God your heart 'cause He promised great things.

Don't try to explain it 'Cause it doesn't make sense,But this time the grass is greener On the other side of the fence.

(written upon the death of my good friend
Jack Thorum
who was an antique dealer...
and so much more.)
   Second-Born   Preacher-Kid
            Dilworth by Design 
I love to contribute when I can to worthy causes... this is one of them. I had the opportunity to ride my bike 150 miles in 2 days​ to help raise funds that will support research​ helping people with Multiple Sclerosis. I no longer ride bike but I do encourage people to help a cause when ever they have the chance. You can help, too!​ Copy and paste this website above to find out how! and thanks...