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Desire: sin lies at the door
Desire's Child: longing to be
   and NOW the online novelette-- 
 Desire's Deceit:
    healing the groans of the grave
What is it that provokes a person to strive for that which they should not have even if it causes them torment, pain
and poverty,
   and sometimes,
        even death?
"I Am My Beloved's and His Desire Is For Me" -King Solomon
"Desire...sin lies at the door"
was the first fictional novel from this author filled with mystery and intrigue riveted around a typical American couple struggling to survive another day of marriage...but why? Is the marriage license scribed more than 19 years ago worth the vows spoken on the whims of juvenile love? The balance of their marital torture comes to a climax on one most unfortunate evening as bizarre circumstances of chance bring together a scripted tale of lost loves and perfect strangers leading only to one possible conclusion: there are NO coincidences.
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(The Sequel
is Born
Tesuqah Mae
(photography by www.Dolinphotography.com)
David Michael Moore, only child of an only child, finds his mother's diary after her unexpected death. What he finds causes him to write a memoir of  his life-long struggle growing up wandering about aimlessly...
Desire's Child
      longing to be embraced

David picks up where
his mother Tesuqah Mae
left off-- searching to find completion and meaning in this world.
The Autopsy is discovered
and a lie is uncovered in
     Desire's Deceit !!!
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Desire's Deceit
  healing the groans of the grave